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My machine seems to be losing steps. What do I do?

Quite often, we hear from the customers that the multi axis machines like engraving, routing, CNC machines, and other similar type machines lose steps in the middle of a job. The evidences may be; – Sudden and unpredictable move in … Continue reading

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Open architecture USB motion controller for application like engraving

Introduction Engraving systems have come a long way. Today’s computerized rotary engraving machines and laser machines allow creation of high quality fonts combined with eye catching graphics. It feels like it was just yesterday when engravers used manual engraving machines. … Continue reading

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Why do G codes seem so complicated? It does not have to be. . . . . .

M & G codes, sometimes simply known as G codes, are the most popular command codes designed to handle numerically controlled (NC) machines used all over the world for manufacturing. Electronics Industry Association proposed a standard for a numeric control … Continue reading

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